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Blockchain Summit CeBIT 2017

At the second day of CeBIT 2017 the first “CeBIT Blockchain Summit” took place. The full day, fee-based, event was very well visited (around 140 tickets sold according to the organisers) and the structure of the international audience varied: some visitors were quite well experienced, others still seeking for a first base understanding what blockchain makes so […]

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Blockchain activities in Hamburg

Since a couple of weeks “Der Medienlotse” Jan C. Rode reports about blockchain related activities in Hamburg. In his actual article (in German language) Jan provides – besides information about startups and research activities – all blockchain interested people a helpful overview on events related to blockchain in Hamburg.  

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New opportunities for the energy sector

“Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionise the energy system.” Using this quote from Süddeutsche Zeitung the Germany Energy Agency dena invited to participate at the dialogue forum “Blockchain – new opportunities for the energy market” to Berlin´s Novotel on the 1st of March 2017.  Almost one hundred guests followed this invitation and experienced a […]

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High dynamics during the kickoff for the Hamburg “Digital Hub Logistics”

On the 22nd of February the Hamburg Authority for Economics, Infrastructure and Innovation (BWVI) hosted a “Digital Hub Logistics” kickoff event for the stakeholders, which are closely related to the city government.  Around 40 guests from associations, universities and further institutions were invited. At first the State Council Dr. Bösinger from the BMVI and Prof. Dr. […]

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Vitalik Buterin on Cryptoeconomics

On Monday, 20th of February 2017, there was a kind of “Blockchain Super-Monday” in Berlin. Vitalik Buterin was visiting the Ethereum Dev UG, in parallel Gavin Wood presented “Polkadot” – his fascinating project to establish interoperability among different blockchains (even between “public” and “enterprise” blockchains) at another Blockchain Meetup. I decided to attend the Ethereum Dev UG event – like a lot of […]

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Blockchain @Bitkom

Four months after the “Bitkom Blockchain day” took place a meeting of the Bitkom Project Group Blockchain was held. Obviously there is high interest on blockchain – the event was very well visited. The meeting was structured as a workshop. After busy sessions three moderated groups on “legal”, “technology” and “business” presented their working groups results – I had the pleasure to […]

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Hamburg as an important location for “real life” blockchain applications

Some days ago Jan C. Rode published a blog post titled “Blockchain rüttelt Hamburgs Wirtschaft auf” (blockchain brisks up Hamburg economy) on Nextmedia-Hamburg.de. After I posted the article on the social networks LinkedIn and Xing with the comment “Hamburg has the potential to become an important location for “real life” blockchain applications” an interesting discussion started […]

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Expert talk “use cases for blockchain technology”

Some days before Christmas “Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR)” invited to hold an expert talk about “use cases for blockchain technology” on behalf of the Bundeswirtschaftsministerium BMWi (Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy). The meeting was well organised by Matthias Kuom (DLR) and had the main purpose to discuss the innovation potential of blockchain technology among […]

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Article “Interesting applications with blockchain technology”

Almost six months after my article to give a general introduction to blockchain technologies was published (click here to read the related post) I wrote a brief explanation on the use case section on this website. In the article on intelligente-welt.de you can find some explanation about the structure of the use case section and how how you can filter the […]

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lindenpartners: Banking on Blockchain?

“Blockchain is an emotive word. Hymnic, partly vague eulogies alternate with scepticism and threat scenarios. The important questions “what can blockchain actually do?”, “does is help me in any way?” are asked quite rarely. We go a different way: at the 24th of November 2016, 2-6 pm, we invite you to discuss how blockchain technology […]