• Consult multichannel strategies for premium TV-vendors

  • Develop multichannel strategies at Sony and Sharp

  • Establish e-Commerce as a sales channel for Deutsche Telekom

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    Hamburg as an important location for “real life” blockchain applications

    Some days ago Jan C. Rode published a blog post titled “Blockchain rüttelt Hamburgs Wirtschaft auf” (blockchain brisks up Hamburg economy) on Nextmedia-Hamburg.de. After I posted the article on the social networks LinkedIn and Xing with the comment “Hamburg has the potential to become an important location for “real life” blockchain applications” an interesting discussion started […]

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    Article “Interesting applications with blockchain technology”

    Almost six months after my article to give a general introduction to blockchain technologies was published (click here to read the related post) I wrote a brief explanation on the use case section on this website. In the article on intelligente-welt.de you can find some explanation about the structure of the use case section and how how you can filter the […]

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    MIT Course „Future Commerce“

    Three months after the start of the MIT Fintech Certificate Course „Future Commerce“ the winning „Capstone Projects“ are announced. The project „Community Token“, developed in cooperation with Christoph Martin, was awarded by the tutor team as one of the top eight projects out of more than 200 projects.