Digital literacy

Convey digital skills during education and on the job

How I might support you

Be it in school, at the university, during vocational training, later at the job or at private life: today digital literacy is a key qualification. Not only it is necessary to know how to use the digital devices. Particulary in times of cyber crime via phishing or computer viruses users should know, where dangers lurk and how they might protect themselves. In times where “data is the new oil” it is furthermore important for the citizens to understand how they can avoid misue of their personal data.

Since the start of my work for Samsung in the area of “Corporate Citizenship” I could carry out several projects when it comes to “digital literacy” and digital education.

Do you have an requirement to impart digital literacy and/or to build businesses in digital education?

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  • establish of the initiative “Digitale Bildung Neu Denken” (rethink digital education)
  • consultancy of a leading school book manufacturer concerning sales concepts for digital media
  • digital competencies during vocational education with WorldSkills

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